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Chimp Installs MonkeyHook... So Easy, Even Humans Can Do It!™

MonkeyHook® Heavy Duty Wall Hanger

The Best Way to Hang Anything on Drywall!

Perfect for Home Interior Decorating
For anyone who has ever wondered how to hang pictures, The Amazing MonkeyHook® is the brand new 'gold standard' in heavy duty wall hanger solutions. Its design enables anyone to install it securely to any wall by hand using No Tools... and hang virtually anything 'hangable' in seconds.

Complete your HGTV dream home project by using these amazing Monkey Hooks. It's the best way to hang pictures, mirrors or any wall décor on drywall...

No Tools!

MonkeyHook® tackles home interior decorating ideas and dilemmas one by one...

How to hang groups of pictures?
The only things you will need are these amazing Monkey Hooks. Grouping requires extra care in spacing. A MonkeyHook® makes it easy with no tools and avoids excessive damage to walls, even if you have to adjust the location slightly.

What about hanging a mirror?
Due to their weight, mirrors are notoriously difficult to hang. The MonkeyHook® is a superior piece of mirror hanging hardware because it can hold up to 50 pounds and provide exact and secure mirror placement.

Where can I use a MonkeyHook®?
You won't need to limit your project to where the wall studs are any more. Interior decorating using The Amazing MonkeyHook® lets you hang wall décor exactly where you want it, securely, and with no tools or excessive damage to the walls. Just check out some testimontials of our drywall picture hanger.

Install by Hand and Hang Anything on Drywall with No Stud!

Great for pictures, mirrors, calendars, bulletin boards, dry erase boards, collectibles or any wall decor up to 50 lbs.!

Don't Monkey around with tools or complicated parts!

Get the Amazing MonkeyHook® Today!

New Product Alert

Gorilla Grade The MonkeyHook, LLC has introduced the new heavy duty Gorilla Grade™ MonkeyHook®. It is the same 'No Tools' design that consumers prefer, but holds more weight because it is made of heavier gauge steel. The Gorilla Grade™ MonkeyHook® is so strong, it even holds 40% more than the Hercules Hook™ in tests on standard drywall!
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Variety Pack

NEW! From MonkeyHook®: 30 pc. Home and Office Variety Pack

• 10 Original Monkey Hooks (America's best selling picture hook.)
• 10 NEW! Gorilla Grade Monkey Hooks (For heavier, larger items... the strongest hook of it's kind!)
• 10 NEW! Flush Mount Monkey Hooks (For smaller, lighter items that need to mount flush to the wall.)
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